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WELCOME!  We would like to thank you for your interest in registering with SAMREF.          
New and Existing Suppliers (Local and Foreign) can use this Supplier Pre-Registration Portal to register your company before doing business with SAMREF.          
It is important to note that this on-line screen merely provides SAMREF with current and other basic information about your company. The REGISTRATION on this facility is different from SUPPLIER PREQUALIFICATION which is performed separately upon obtaining official invitation from SAMREF reference to the provided data through this pre-registration portal.          
SAMREF reserves the right to decline the registration request and/or to re-evaluate/or withdraw your registration as our sole discretion without obligation to provide your company reasons.          
Before proceeding, please check and ensure that your company meets the following PRE-REGISTRATION CONDITIONS :                  


  1.  SAMREF only would accept ORGANIZATIONS, not INDIVIDUALS to register          

  2. Your company is active in the business

  3. Your company's main & core business is of interest to SAMREF. Please attach support documents, i.e. profile, brochure, etc.           

  4. Your company is directly providing the exactly required materials or possesses a certificate of representation from your principal of the required products          

  5. Your company is meeting other Samref's requirement either related to Safety, Financial Capability and other applicable industry competencies, etc.          

If your entity meets all the above conditions, you may complete the below file and send by email to the contact person.  
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