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Typical Work Activities by Process Engineer
  • Applying the principles of mass, momentum and heat transfer to process and equipment design.
  • Monitoring and developing of production units (i.e. modifications and upgrades), and troubleshooting existing processes.
  • Using computer modeling and simulations to design and evaluate processes and operating systems for the manufacture of products.
  • Assessing the availability of raw materials and the safety and environmental impact of the plant.
  • Sharing responsibility for risk assessment, necessitating hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies, for health and safety of both company staff and the wider community.
  • Monitoring and improving the efficiency, output and safety of a plant.
  • Making observations and taking measurements directly, as well as collecting and interpreting data from the other technical and operating staff involved. Preparing necessary reports, flow diagrams and charts.
  • Assuming responsibility for environmental monitoring and ongoing performance of processes and process plant.
  • Liaising with other process engineers, perhaps working on associated plants.
  • Working closely with other specialists including scientists responsible for quality control of raw materials, intermediates and finished products, engineers responsible for plant maintenance, commercial colleagues on product specifications and production schedules, and the operating crew.