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Work At Samref
Work At Samref
Saudization & Training Program
We are committed to nurturing and building our talent
It is only through their dedication and contributions we can drive our business to success.

Maintaining a high level of Saudization is one of SAMREF’s core strategies. The percentage started with 50.4 % in 1988 and reached 83.5% in 2000. SAMREF is now occupying pioneering positions as a national company to implement Saudization policy of percentage stands at 90% until 2013.

Training & Career Development

T&CD is constantly elevating the standards of the performance of SAMREF's human competency resources to meet the needs of a highly competitive market through a collection of training & development programs for new high school , college university graduates or senior level staff. Example of these programs includes (but not limited to):

Training Courses

  • Established training programs are ongoing for SAMREF employees. Training Courses Formats: In-House, On Site, In-Kingdom and Out-of- Kingdom Training courses. These courses cover engineers, technicians, Operational staff and supervisors as well as managerial staff.
Professional Development Program (PDP)
  • This program provides new university graduates the opportunity for planned growth and development
  • It contains series of developmental and training assignments, induction sessions, professional educational courses and technical courses
Apprenticeship Program & Skill Enhancement Program (SEP)
  • This program is for high school/college graduates
  • It ensures that craftsmen (Operators, Technicians, etc..) are qualified and competent to perform the work-related tasks up to full-fledged standards
Engineering Specialist Development (ESD)
  • This program is for staff engineers
  • It furnishes an effective mechanism to develop resident expertise in selective work areas/disciplines for potential engineers to better grow and serve the company as future Specialists, Experts and Technical Consultants
Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP)
  • This program is for potential supervisors and employees in supervisory positions and in accordance to SAMREF succession plan.
  • It provides suitable scheme to identify potential candidates for supervisory and managerial positions and develops them to become competent in assuming such roles
Proficiency Management Program (PMP)
  • This program is for SAMREF full fledge employees and it is based on gap analysis.
  • Gap analysis is computerized process that identifies the competencies that require further training development actions to improve Job-holding current proficiency level and consequently close the gaps.
  • Gap Analysis application is visited in the following situations:

    • When line supervisors update their subordinates' current proficiencies. This process is essential and continuous.
    • When line supervisors start setting up their subordinates' annual development plans.
    • When processing promotion requests and during career counseling deliberations, to identify candidates for other jobs or different career paths.
SAMREF's Coop Program

The Company as part of its social responsibility offers temporary employment opportunities to a limited number of Saudi students from various universities and colleges to allow them to gain practical work experience and satisfy their academic program graduation requirements.

Samref E-Learning

E-Learning is a key corporate strategy, aligned with major corporate initiatives.

E-Learning courses in SAMREF cover: Operations, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, Safety, IT, English language, Management & others.

Benefits of E-Learning in SAMREF
  • Provides a learning organization, whereby all employees keep developing their competencies and enhancing their talents.
  • Allows employees to learn anytime anywhere.
  • Prepares our workforce for the future.
  • Helps employees close their training proficiency gaps at their convenience.

We are committed to nurturing and building our talent It is only through their dedication and contributions we can drive our business to success.

Samref is looking for individuals with their passion and determination to work in an atmosphere of high-performance.

We look at individuals who yearn to be a part of building nations and bringing a difference to the environment and society that we live in. We want to attract, motivate, develop and engage our talents to become outstanding professionals and dynamic and progressive citizens of the country and the world who embraces our values of PEOPLE, FAIRNESS, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, TEAMWORK, ACCOUNTABILITY, and CITIZENSHIP.

We welcome you to build your future with us today.

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